Life Has Departed

by Fever Dreams

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better than their new band as well. go back to this jabroni's.
Christopher D
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Christopher D i keep coming back to this record over the months. i don't even know how to describe. dark, beatdown-core. maybe? no clue why these guys aren't way bigger. would seem at home on deathwish, throatruiner, etc. love it.
Shred Lemming
Shred Lemming  thumbnail
Shred Lemming If you've ever done a turn for battery just listen to this record next time you want to lay a beating - it's almost as satisfying and you'll avoid jail time. Favorite track: Failure.
Sekator thumbnail
Sekator One of the ugliest. most atonal and dissonant metal albums I've ever heard.

Technically a mix of metallic hardcore and sludge, Fever Dreams kick it up a notch higher by often using a lot of dissonant riffs that take their style to a different level.

Excellent band waiting to be discovered by the masses. Favorite track: Stillbirth.
/i/ thumbnail
/i/ Fever Dreams is pure nightmare. Death/Doom Metal-like metallic crust in the vein of Amebix mixed with more Death/Black Metal influences. Very unique and polished among these years' blackened somethings. Deep, dark, and punitive. When I listen to this, I think as if I was a criminal against humanity and going to be hanged. Favorite track: Stillbirth.
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Recorded in November 2013 by Taylor Young at The Pit
Mixed by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege


released October 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Fever Dreams Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Stillbirth
Spit out like excrement from the womb
Straight into the dirt, feed for the worms
Abandon me

Bones corrode and blood ceases to flow
Let this body decompose, alone in this fucking hole
A carcass built to rot, insignificant like the rest

Life has departed, only earth is left.
Track Name: Failure
Cold flowing through beaten bones
Joints turn to stone and ice replaces marrow
Body shattered
Nothing but the blaring wind left to blow
Dust scattered
Soon forgotten amongst the infinite failure.
Track Name: Blinding Light
It's difficult to speak with a mouth full of shit
Intake everything a book has to say
Regurgitate, vomit the words into every ear you see

Empty your pockets to reach heaven's gate
Invade into homes, an army of clones
More pure than I could ever be
Judgement on all with an opinion

All deemed unworthy by a mindless slave
We're all cut from the same pile of shit
Track Name: Disease
Day by day I trudge through monotony
Day by day I contemplate the answer

Carrying misery like a disease, choked out by anxiety
Death, relief, death, release

Day by day is the noose my only option
Day by day death seems more attractive

Death is the only option.