As Above, So Below

by Fever Dreams

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T.J.S. Because existence is all I've ever known. Favorite track: Last Leg.
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Sekator More straightforward beginnings, pretty much a well done dose of very ugly sounding metallic hardcore.

Pretty good and already shows hints of the greatness they were to achieve on their subsequent album Life Has Departed. Favorite track: Grief Ritual.
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released September 17, 2012



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Fever Dreams Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Shallow Skin
Self-loathing, vain and narcissistic dreams rampant in my mind
Voices staged and falling into darkness
Curtains calling people leaving hope is fleeting children screaming
I am feeding on the memory of what is fucking lost
What a fucking joke, the soul. My body is not a temple it’s a fucking prison
Open the skies or dig a hole, not one difference does it make
Find the pulse beneath this shallow skin
This heart is caving in
I see the stars as distant as this concept of family
Crawl beneath the frozen soil, much warmer than the home I’m given
And I’m fucking slipping (I’m slipping away)
Sights set to oblivion, am I dead and gone yet?
Track Name: Hellhound
Under the falling snow wasted life spits excrement
Food for the wolves, from their jaws ice drips
I can feel the rats gnawing at my heart, trying to find a home
But it’s been frozen shut for two winters gone
An empty cabin in the woods is what this vessel’s become
Rotten wood swells with sweat and blood
As a carcass sinks into the mud
The sun never sees the ground, instead swims in the blackest of seas
And leaves the moon with the cry of the hound
Track Name: Spine
The ice has taken me
Climbing up my spine
Shaking in my knees
Dripping from my eyes is something torturing me
Flowing in my veins
Ringing in my ear
Swimming in my head is the genesis of fear
Track Name: Cultmonger
Eternal ringing in my ear, a heathen cry
A fucking cross is burned between my eyes
Track Name: Below
Track Name: Dust
Ground to dust, nothing is left of myself, I’m a waste, nothing but a bitter taste, pathetic
Nothing is gold, depression has a stronghold churning in my gut until I vomit all over myself
An empty hole in my heart fills with water and supplemented hate
Ground to dust, I’m a waste, nothing but a bitter fucking taste
Pathetic waste, my heart is filled with hate
Track Name: Last Leg
Nothingness, The dark descends
I’m on my last leg and it’s about to break
I feel nothing but hopeless and I can’t relate
Downward spiral into the depths The dark descends
I’m practicing my goodbyes
Because it won’t go away if I just shut my eyes
Existence is all I’ve ever known
I feel something pulling me further in
Inside out
Nightmares are ebbing in and out of consciousness
A constant flow of suicidal thoughts in me
I’m wavering on the edge of poetry and tragic consequence
Track Name: Put An End To Me
Fuck hope fuck pain
It creeps up in the night, precipitates on everything you love
Enveloping my every dream, things aren’t what they used to be
And I go in and out of each day with no beginning or end
And it sucks the life out of me I fall to my fucking knees
It doesn’t exist, happiness
Illusory, I’m delusional in every single way
Put an end to me
Track Name: Grief Ritual
Darkness has consumed this room in which I sit.
Memories and longings fade with each passing thought.
I don’t remember the color of the walls but they are bleeding.
Lonesome flowing from the veins of a former lover.
I sit not on the floor, but on Earth, clenching the soil with wandering fingers.
Roots have taken up, and the walls close further in.
Light does not exist.
I was born of this darkness.
Aborted by the sun.